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Helle M.


I am the source behind The Spiritual Path.

Everything in my life has led me to this and so happy to finally let it into the world.

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My early background was in gymnastics, both as a gymnast but also a coach, totally for almost 30 years. I was studying sports and physiotherapy, Then I went to travel and work around the world for some years.

Discovered yoga in 2003 when I worked in a sports resort in Spain, and I just knew from the first class that I had to continue to do it. Started to integrate yoga into my therapy and also teaching yoga.

Went back to Norway and my hometown and opened my own clinic and yoga studio and ran it for 9 years. Worked more and more and in the end I was on the verge to major burn out and had to stop. Took a long break, and also found Kundalini Yoga and took a year long Teacher Training which also became my healing process.


Started working again by teaching frilance, but have had a surge for something more the last two-three years, and this last year where I chose to move to Oslo gave med that final push into expanding.

And that is The Spiritual Path. My next chapter. This seed was planted for more than two years ago, but first sprouting now in the spring of 2018.

This is first and foremost a development of myself on my own path. I am doing more than just yoga and therapy, I am a spiritual teacher, healer and counselor.

I will be sharing these things in different forms than I have been doing previously- and also taking it all to another level.